Conductive paint
Conductive paint

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New conductive paint, available in any color. Can be applied on any material.
All our paints pass all tests, to guarantee the best quality in all our products

Caract.: 10 hight at 4-5 Omnia. Can also be manufactured as insulative or "no conductive". Available on all colors (blue, green, red, yellow,...)

Easy to apply:

Mix the paint with 50% of its catalyst (2-1)
Apply 2 layers (5-10 min. between layers)
No need to be clearcoated

Technical characteristics :

Conductivity; 10 hight at 4-5 Omnia.
Good resistance to the bleakness, to the abrasion and the scratches
Good adherence on almost any surface, even plastic
Possibility to manufacture it in any color (also RAL or PANTONE)


Also available in total conduction (below 2 Omnia, in gray metallic color monocomponent. Very easy application and quick drying.